Monday, December 15, 2008

Why we don't take family pictures

And he says he is smiling in this pic. Q


Mrs. Denga said...

Beautiful family.

Days like These! said...

soooooooooo beautiful. haha...leave him alone. that's his SMOOTH look ;)

LondonDiva said...

WOW beautiful Supremes. Which one is the Diana/Beyonce of the three? Handsome hubby but he looks vex as hell!!! LMAO

Queeny20 said...

Thanks Mrs. Denga.
Tanyetta- Thank you, girl bump him, lol.
LD- Thanks girlie. That would be the one right next to dad. Q

kisz4tj said...


Mrs.Sparkley said...

Girl my DH says the SAME thing!!

He mean muggin talking, about "I AM smiling!!!" LOL!