Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I got a powerful word from the Lord today

Well actually, it was something I've read numerous times but today, it was like reading it for the first time. I've been thinking about it and dissecting it. It's so powerful, it brought me to tears. I hesitated about posting but at the same time, I can't help but share. So anyway, the scripture is Mark 8:34-38. I am still breaking some things down and I will make it available later but I want to encourage you all to read it and pray over it as well. It is such a key scripture to who we are and what Christ requires of us but I think what is REALLY being said is often overlooked.

We are at a key point in history my brothers and sisters. The Lord is about to do something great but we have to be ready. It won't be easy but the blessings will be so worth it. We have all seen, used, and heard the term What Would Jesus Do and this scripture ties in with it. We must really step back and examine ourselves.
Are we really being who Christ called us to be?
Are we really putting God first?
Are you hot, cold, or lukewarm?
Are we making the sacrifices needed to serve Him or are we fooling ourselves?
Have you done all you can to serve the Lord and stand out or have you blended with the crowd?
Why are we still struggling with the same sins for all these years?
What is keeping you from your breakthrough?

These are the questions I asked myself when I read the scriptures and I encourage you to do the same. It's time for us to stop playing and start doing. We have to pee or get off the pot. Be blessed. Q
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This dude tried to mack me

So last week dh and I were in ATL for a conference. We took the Marta to our hotel because because parking was $10 a day at the GWCC. So there we were riding on the train. I was in my clergy, suit, collar and all and the train was packed so we got split up. I was standing by the door and this dude noticed me. So he starts asking about the conference and stuff. I mentioned Tyler Perry being there and he tells me that his company represents 2 of TP's actors. I look him up and down and just blink and nod. First he is shorter than me, next I can't believe he is running that lame old line. He is telling me all this I listen because I knew our stop was coming up soon.

But low and behold, he gets off too. So we are waiting for the next train. Dh is standing near me but you wouldn't know we were together because he had on a suit with a b-ball cap and was nodding his head. So dude asks, "what's your official title." I say, "I'm a minister." Then he asks "so can you get married and are you allowed to date?" I say, "yes we can get married and I'm actually married." So I turned to dh and say, "this is my husband right here, T." And on cue T turns to dude and shakes his hand. Now this guy was about 5'7" and dh is about 6'1". The look on his face was priceless. Needless to say the convo was over after that!!! Too bad cuz I was going to quote some scriptures, LOL. Q

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I cut my hair

I forgot to post about my cut. I've been thinking about it for a minute esp since I think I hit my terminal length. Plus I got a little lazy and wasn't caring for my ends like I should. I am at bra strap length again so it's still long but manageable. I will post pics when I get a break. I'm also looking into going the all natural route. I am becoming more concerned about how certain chemicals interact with my thyroid condition. It's going to be hard finding a substitute for my beloved pantene hair mask and aphogee, but I am determined. I will be slowly getting rid of my products. Pray for me!!! Q

Monday, June 15, 2009

I got my Iron Chef on!!!

I took out some random ingredients and decided to put together a meal using them. I had some chicken breast, broccoli, linguine, chicken broth, soy sauce, powdered ginger, and cornstarch. I don't know the exact measurements but here goes:
4 chicken breast cut put
1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce
1 tsp of ginger
1 T of cornstarch
2 cups of broccoli
8 oz of linguine
1 cup of chicken broth

Cook linguine and set aside. Mix ginger, soy sauce, cornstarch and chicken in a bowl. Cook chicken on med heat until browned about 10 minutes. Add broccoli and broth and cook for another 2 minutes. Toss in linguine and serve.

I don't have a pic because my family ate it up before I had a chance to. Try it and let me know how it works for you. Q

Friday, June 12, 2009

K is losing 2 teeth

For the past few days, she's been complaining of tooth pain and constantly showing us her "wiggly teeth." The other night T asked for some tooth gel and then I inquired why. He brought her to me and had me feel the inside part of her gums and there was a hard lump. He wanted me to take her to the Dentist. After further inspection, I looked and saw 2 teeth were just below the surface of the gums. I told her the pain she was feeling was because of the teeth growing in and that her baby teeth would soon be falling out. But, they will quickly be replaced with permanent ones.

But life wouldn't be what I know it to be without drama from Princess K. Cuz yall know she is the only person in the world to lose teeth right? Right! So now she is rebelling, getting mad and throwing tantrums saying she doesn't want to lose her baby teeth because they look so cute. *blink* So every night before she goes to bed, there is drama surrounding her brushing her teeth. I have to put some gel on it to ease the pain, watch her wiggle the lose ones for the millionth time, explain to her what is happening for the billionth time, watch her poke out her lip in rebellion, and then send her on her way. EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. In the words of Tanyetta, wash, rinse and repeat. I wish these teeth would hurry up and fall out before I do something drastic. Yall pray for me. Q

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dream a little Dream

Yesterday I took D to get her braces checked. While in the waiting room, I picked up a magazine and began to read it. In the back of the magazine, there was a list of quotes mainly by people in the entertainment industry. Well I read one that stopped me in my tracks. First because it gave me chills, and spoke to what I've been trying to do in my life. Then second because of the author. "So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and..soon they become inevitable" Christopher Reeve
How powerful is that?!!!! I've always loved Christopher Reeve. There was just something about him as an actor that I adored when I was a little girl. Then after his accident, my love for him grew because he had incredible courage even with all of the obstacles before him. His passing was sad for me because I knew he wanted to walk again and I wanted it for him. But it is my prayer that He knew Christ as his personal Savior and is now not only walking, but he has a new body in heaven!!!

Today, I can say I have crossed over from improbable and now into the inevitable when it comes to making my dream come true. What started out as a little dream has grown into something bigger and better. Even with all the missteps and setbacks, I am more focused now than ever to do what I love to do. It wasn't easy getting to this place and over the impossible. But I've always believed that with God, all things are possible and I knew getting here would happen.

So to everyone who is reading this, don't let go of your dreams. No matter what happens, if you want it, and God wants you to have it, it's yours. Keep dreaming, keep praying, keep pressing and soon having what's yours will be inevitable!!! Be blessed. Q

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Busy but Blessed

That's the best way to describe my life right now. School is a little more intense this semester because it includes an internship. The Supremes are out of school, my business is about to be launched and, I am just trying to keep up. But through it all, I am still blessed. Today instead of just resting today, I decided to get out and get moving. It started with a trip to the radio station to pick up some tickets I won for a midnight viewing of the movie, "Land of the Lost." I am taking my babysitter with me. Next the girls and I had lunch with someone I've communicated with previous but we are now hanging out a little more. I am interested in seeing what God is going to do through me in that situation. Next we headed to the Dollar Tree to pick up some cheap stuff for a craft project we are working on. (Reminds self to post about B's take on the economy.) Next we visited some other stores to do some shopping and then headed to the theater to see "UP."

I have to say, that movie through me for a loop. It really gets you from the beginning and takes you on a ride. I was sad, I laughed, I smiled, I got mad but through it all it was great. It made me think about my life and how far I've come. T and I are not rich but we have been blessed financially and we don't struggle and there isn't much we want for. We have a great marriage, wonderful friends, a great church family, and a beautiful house. So yes I could have used a little extra sleep or rest today. It was fun, and hectic. But most importantly, I enjoyed my day with my girls. Although they drive me crazy, I love them so much and I thank God for blessing me with them. So although I am super busy, tired, and sometimes stressed, I also realize how truly blessed I am. Q