Saturday, March 03, 2012

Late night rant thanks to yahoo

I went to check my email and on the front page was a story about Kirk Cameron. I read it and then read some of the comments that made me write this post. Why is it when a Christian voices an opinion against something, folks are quick to say they are judging or say they need to worry about themselves? If that was the case, none of us would be able to say a word about anyone. Iron sharpens iron. If someone is called by God to speak the truth, don't assume they hate you, are judging you or isn't take care of their own mess. We all have sinned and fallen short but that doesn't mean we should hold our tongues because someone doesn't agree.

Take a walk in someone's shoes and know for those of us in ministry, you have no idea what it's like to be us. NONE!! Most people couldn't and wouldn't do what we do. Yeah that's harsh but it's true. Most people are way too selfish and too worried about what others think to do this. This calling is not always easy. While you are eating your lunch and enjoying your day, we are fasting. While you are spending your day watching shows, we are studying the word. While you are on the phone gossiping, cussing, and being nasty, we are praying. While you are out shopping and enjoying your day off, we are out helping the homeless and using our free time to bless others. Some days I pray more for others than I do for myself!!! Not because I think I'm better because I know if I take care of God's business, He will take care of mine.

A lot of times we ourselves struggle with what God says. Not because we want to do the sin but we realize that speaking out will put off those we love. I've been called and treated like a crazy bible thumper. I've always tried to speak the truth in love. However, when folks don't "get" me to see or think their way, I've had folks I thought I knew trash me like I was some stranger on the street. Although I have never called them out of their name, looked down on them, or treated them the same. But I still love and pray for them.

Do you know how hard it is to say something you know might hurt someone you love but also know that if you don't, there is a higher price to pay? That is my life every day!!!! I am often accused of being hateful when it is the exact opposite. It is because I love that I tell the truth. It is because I love that I pray for those who talk about me. It is because I love that I want to help folks miss hell and make Heaven. It is because I love that I do what God calls me to do even if I will lose those I love here on Earth.

Yes God is love but God is also a jealous and just God. He is the same God who destroyed the world with water, who struck down the liars where they stood, who killed the Roman army. He does not play!!! Therefore, I don't play with Him. I won't add to or water down His word to appease man. Now I don't agree with "some" Christians and the way they say stuff. But if at the root is God's truth, I can agree with that only. You don't know the cross I carry everyday!!! So before you make assumptions about those of us who are called to serve, understand we are not here to please man, we want to please God!! You don't have to agree, believe, or accept what we have to say, but we are going to still say it. In the end, we know God will look at us and say, well done. Q