Friday, May 27, 2011

Not just the internet

We've all said it. I've said it as well. It's just the internet, it's not that serious. I remember when I first got online, that's exactly how I felt. For me it was about finding information to make my life easier and that was it. I joined forums and then started interacting with people. I was still able to disconnect and not get too into things. But somewhere along the way things started to change. The people went beyond being screen name xyz and they became human. I saw them as souls who I could show the love of Christ to. I opened up more not because I was weak or didn't have a life but because I knew my life, my story could be a testimony to bless someone else. I wasn't stupid or careless, I was very aware that what I posted could be used against me but none of that mattered.

I chose to be who I wanted to be. Some people don't ever post pics, use their names or locations and that is fine for them. My husband started referring to folks online as my serial killer friends. ROFL But I know there are more crazy people I see everyday versus those I posted and interacted with online. I got to know people, I prayed for them, prayed with them, encouraged them, blessed them. No I wasn't perfect and I got into my fair share of drama and silliness but I've always admitted when I was wrong.

When I decided to step away, it wasn't because anyone ran me off, talked about my kids or me. Chile please!!! It was because I felt it was time for me to go. That's it. But I didn't disappear from the internet world, I am still doing what I can to help and bless people. I still have this blog, I'm on twitter, FB and I'm still me.

I've met some wonderful, amazing, beautiful, smart intelligent people via the internet. You can see someone everyday and not truly "know" them and meet someone online that truly gets it and gets you. If that makes me dumb, lame, or silly then so be it. They have cheered me on, prayed for me, encouraged me, celebrated with me, invited me into their homes, and some of them actually love me. lol

This week, a young lady I have never met in person but interacted with online and spoke to on the phone on occasion, passed away. She was a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter, an aunt. Just three days before her passing, I was on her FB page responding to a status and encouraging her. When I found out, it hurt me deeply because it seemed so unreal. I cried and even now as I type tears well up in my eyes. I'm praying for all of those who knew and loved her. I know their lives will be different now that she is gone. I have some peace knowing she was drawing all the more closer to the Lord when she passed and her statuses reflected it. I don't have all of the answers, but I'm trusting God who knows best.

I typed all of this to say I am very grateful for the people that have come into my life via the internet. Some I have parted ways with and others I've formed lifelong bonds with and I can truly call them "friend." They've added to the group of amazing friends and family I already have in my life. I thank God for the all of the souls He has allowed my life to cross paths with. I will never take anyone for granted because in the blink of an eye, they can be gone. The internet is now an extension of the amazing life I have already been blessed with. For some, the internet is just the internet. But for me, it has become so much more.

~RIP Bree~ Q

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Having faith works

I am a writer by nature. I write a lot of things down. I write down my workouts, I have a book of writings and letters to the girls, I have notes all around my office, and I am always writing down my goals. It's important for me to "SEE" the things I'm planning because it helps me to stay focused. I write them down, I pray about it, and I trust God to work it out on my behalf. I have faith in Him. A lot of times I don't know how He is going to do it, but I trust Him to do it. And with that trust, I walk by faith A LOT. I make moves and decisions that others wouldn't dare do because they don't trust Him enough to make things work. But I don't move without Him!!!

Last year, I took a huge faith step. I walked away from a position I had been in for 3 years and took another position. The old job had more security and some really good perks but the new one I felt was a foot in the door for me. After taking this job, I wrote down some goals. I wanted to make a certain amount, I wanted to be doing a certain job, I wanted certain benefits, and I wanted to be in a certain position within a year. I'd heard other folks who are doing the job talk about how long and hard it is to move up but I said nothing. I trusted God, I worked hard and kept walking by faith.

Faith without works, is dead. That's in the bible. So many people have faith in faith, or they just have faith in God but they don't put that faith into action. Our faith must be exercised. I exercised it by making sure I used all of the talents God has blessed me with to my advantage. I used my creativity to think outside of the box and come up with new ideas and plans. I used my gift of gab to network, meet new people and put myself out there. I used my drive to press on and get involved in things most people in my position would not have thought about. I worked, I trusted, I worked, I believed, I worked, and thanked God in advance, I worked and it paid off. I did what I could to be a blessing to people and to show His love to others.

A few months ago I applied for a position that had everything I wrote about. I never heard anything. I started talking to folks and let them know I was interested and I heard nothing. Others applied and got interviewed for it and I heard nothing. Others were offered and they turned it down and I heard nothing. I thanked Him anyway. Whether I got the job or not, I was grateful. I never worried or bothered Him about it because I knew He had my best interest at heart. I put more into praising Him, and getting to know Him not because of the job but because I loved Him that much.

On Friday the 22nd I got a call from the Manager whom I had met at another event and I decided to put my name in his ear. He remembered me and wanted my resume'. He emailed to do an interview that day but I had left already.
The following Tuesday I interviewed.

On Wednesday morning they called my references.

Wednesday afternoon they sent some paperwork.

On Friday I sent them what they needed.

Yesterday they called for security references.

Today, they made me an offer.
On the 24th of this month, I hit my year in this current job, the new job wants me in 2 weeks!!!

This job is a better position, I will be doing what I love, I have great benefits, I have hours that will allow me to be at home more, it is in the professional ranks of my company, and I will get my Master's degree paid by them. Don't let anyone tell you what you can't do!!! Whatever goals you have for yourself, write them down and keep them on your mind. Have faith in God to move on your behalf, and exercise your faith by using the gifts and talents He has blessed you with. But most importantly, seek His face, and not His hand. Having faith in God, works!!! Q