Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 11

Today was my second day off. I spent most of it doing stuff around the house. Last night I discovered some water and mold in closet so I have been washing everything. I am praying it was leftover from the plumbing situation earlier this year. We cut the carpet out, I scrubbed it down with some bleach and then sprayed some disinfectant spray on it. We are going to watch it and see if it dries up. The good news is, we might have hardwood floors under the carpets in the house!!! I am in good spirits and have been talking to the Lord even more.

I prayed for my brother again and I will hear some news from my mother tomorrow. We are expecting a friend from out of town and we will celebrate Thomas' and Destiny's birthday this weekend. God is good and He mercy is everlasting. Q

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