Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 14- How great is our God

Saturday evening as I was praying, God dropped something in my spirit that made me take notice. Yesterday during the morning sermon, He used my Pastor to confirm. I know it was for me because it spoke directly to what I'd been praying about. In that very moment, I felt a big weight being lifted and my heart just melted. All I could think was about how great God is. He loves me so much that He sent a word that would bless and encourage me. Out of it, I got so much and I was overcome with emotion. My Pastor is also working with me to get some help regarding the situation with my brother.

After church we headed home and toyed around a little. T bought the girls a game for their computer and he fell in love with it himself. I had to threaten him in order to finally get him out the door so we could go out to eat. We arrived at our favorite restaurant in order to celebrate T's birthday. It is a Brazilian spot and they perform a birthday song using drums. As T was up getting some salad at the bar, I quietly notified our waiter about the birthday boy. The girls were giddy with excitement and almost let it slip. A few minutes later, just about the entire staff surrounded our table and made the announcement. We clapped along with them the some of the other restaurant goers cheered and clapped as well. We had a good laugh.

We got home and decided to watch the finale of Survivor. I spoke with my mom, talked with a forum member SAL about doing a youtube video on my hair, shot off some emails to family and friends, and chatted with my girls meka and Tee before heading to bed. Q

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