Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 18- Dream a little dream

During my morning drive I usually talk to the girls if they are alert or just talk and pray to God. They weren't in the talking mood so I know God is always there. In my mind I began to look over my life and think about how much I have changed and how much so many things about me are the same. I've always been driven and a big dreamer. As a little girl, I wanted to be a neurosurgeon. God allowed me to see all of my dreams this morning. I've accomplished so many of them like, going into the military, marrying and having a wonderful marriage, buying a house, and having great kids. There are some I let go of because they don't interest me anymore like being a Soul Train dancer (lol does it even come on anymore), being a neurosurgeon, and being a fighter pilot. Then there are those that remain stagnant, tucked away in a spot in my heart just waiting for me to reach them.

Right as I was thinking about those dreams I still have inside of me, a car cut me off. I looked at the bumper and it had a sticker that said "Remember who you wanted to be." I got a chill. Then today as I was on the Supremes' school website, this scrolled across the screen, "Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born!" Wow just wow.

I continued to talk to God about my dreams. I wanted to make sure they lined up with His will for my life as well. Like a little giddy school girl, I was smiling and filled with butterflies in my stomach as my head began to think about those dreams. It was as if I was thinking about them for the first time. As usual, the devil tried to fill my head with doubt but I just remembered from yesterday and said, "with God all things are possible." What is so wonderful about all of this is some of my dreams are exactly what God has already put me on task to do. But I wasn't able to see it that way because I had put them away. It's amazing when your dreams line up with the destiny God has for you!!!

This weekend I will be making a list of my dreams and renewing them. Then I will be making an action plan towards reaching them. Some of them are big and some of them are small but they are important because they are mine and God will get the glory when I reach them. Do you have any dreams you have temporarily deferred? Why not renew them right now and get back on track. No matter what you need to do, just put God first and watch Him open the doors to make your dreams a reality. Q

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