Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 15- The choice is yours

I am more than half way through this time of reflection and God has made everything very plain to me. You see I had all of these ideas and excuses for why I was running into the same problems in my walk. I'd plan to make drastic changes and do all of this and that, stressing myself out trying to figure out how to do it. But God finally told me, "it is all a choice." I thought and that and realized He is right. Everything I do, say, think and involve myself in, is a choice. I can try to convince myself otherwise but the responsibility falls back on me.

Our first lady made a statement recently. She said, "I refuse to participate in the recession." Although I don't fully agree with the statement, I understand what she is trying to say. She's not in denial that a recession exists. She is choosing to not let what is going on affect her relationship with Christ. She is choosing to trust in God to see her through this time. She is choosing to press on and be the best stylist she can be and bring in even more clients. She is choosing to be positive and praise the Lord no matter what.

I took her phrase and applied it to my life recently. When all of this drama and mess was swirling around me, I told my friends, "I refuse to participate in drama." They kind of chuckled but realized I was so serious. I had been drama free for weeks and all of a sudden it was starting to rear it's head and I decided to SHUT IT DOWN. You see I don't care about being right anymore, or telling folks off, or showing how bad I am because I don't care. The only opinion that matters is God. Everyone else can keep talking but I am going to live my life and be me regardless of who agrees with me and how I live. So here is a list I call, I refuse, I choose:

I refuse to participate in drama. I choose to let God fight my battles.

I refuse to gossip and keep mess going. I choose to speak positive or not speak at all.

I refuse to remain at my current size. I choose to do all I can to have my best body ever.

I refuse to stay where I am spiritually. I choose to grow stronger in the Lord.

I refuse to let time pass me by. I choose to live each day to the fullest.

I refuse to let the world raise my kids. I choose to be the example I want them to follow.

I refuse to be quiet and keep my testimony to myself. I choose to share and tell of the goodness of Jesus.

I refuse to stay inside and live a boring life. I choose to get out there and show others you can serve the Lord, keep His commandments and have good clean fun.

I refuse to be hindered by this economy. I choose to use this opportunity to open up even more doors for me and my family financially.

I refuse to work for the devil. I choose to serve the Lord until the day I die.

Go ahead and make your I refuse, I choose list. Q

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amara11 said...

Right on time, as always!

Much love to you Que,