Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 13- A lovely day!!!!

I slept so well the night before, like a baby. I was up early because I heard my honey stirring. I looked up at the time and realized he must be hungry. He is the only person I know that will get hungry in their sleep and wake up and eat. I officially got up a few hours later by jumping on T singing "Happy Birthday." I gave him the first of his 2 gifts and then woke up my boy Fabian so he could make his flight.

As I was leaving for work, Fabian was putting his bags in his rental car and he saw me getting T's other gift ready. I chatted with him for a few, gave him and hug and kiss, said I love you and headed to work. I smiled thinking about T seeing his other gift. I got to work and was bored out of my mind waiting for all of these reports to print. I decided to return some phone calls while waiting. I called T trying to get him to leave the house so he could see his gift but thankfully Fabian already worked that out before he left. I smiled as T thanked me and talked about how much he loved it!!! I left after 5 and headed home. We were supposed to go to T's favorite restaurant but decided to go on Sunday.

The rest of my evening was spent on the phone with my mom, talking with some friends and just hanging with my family. My girls are so doggone funny and they just make me smile. Fabian called to let me know he had arrived safely and we spoke about his next visit. I turned into bed so T and I could watch and laugh at SNL. As I prayed, I could do nothing but thank God for His goodness and mercy. I had such a lovely day in spite of having to go to work. He also dropped a spiritual nugget into my spirit and I am looking forward to Him confirming it real soon. The steps of a righteous man are ordered by God and focused even more on following Him and Him alone. Q

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