Monday, December 15, 2008

Why this blog exists

I just recently added the Feedjit feature so I can see who visits my blog and I was shocked. Most of the people arrived via a direct link and yet only one left a comment. I understand because I do that on other blogs as well. I know some of you may be wondering why do I even bother since most of my posts have zero comments. You know this blog initially started as a way for me to talk about my life. I was a stay at home mom when it started and it was a way for me to get some stuff out of my head. At any given moment, I am thinking about 4 or 5 things at a time and so putting some of them on here was one less thing for me to analyze, dissect, and spend brain power on. This is one of the ways God allows me to release.

As time went on, it became less about me and more about my walk. There have been times when I was going to say forget it and stop blogging. But everytime I do, God tells me no. Most of what I post comes from the time I spend praying or reading the word and from there God will urge me to blog about it because it will help someone. You see what you don't see is the emails or the messages I get from people who read this blog. People I have never met or spoken to have told me how blessed they were by what I've written. They confirm what God has given me. Some of the stuff I've read has brought me to tears.

So this blog exists because God exists. I am here writing because it is He who made me. He is allowing me to use my life, the blessings and the insights He's given me to bless and help you. Through this blog, I hope it inspires, encourages and enlightens people. I especially want other Christians to see it and know you can still live a happy, fun, blessed, and fulfilled life. Yes there are some things I avoid but as you can see, my life is very full and wonderful. Serving God doesn't mean you have to live a boring life. Yes you will have ups and downs but through my life, I hope you will learn how to overcome obstacles and avoid some of the mistakes I've made. I don't need a lot of people on here although it would be nice because really, all I need is one. This blog only needs to help one person to make it through, to know God loves them, to give them hope, to help them lead a better life and it will serve it's purpose. So until God pulls the plug and tells me to stop, I will be right here. Much love. Q

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LondonDiva said...

It's amazing to see who actually comes on your blog. Some countries around the world you've never even heard of.