Monday, December 08, 2008

See what had happened was...

Okay so I went crazy on black Friday but I still managed to stay within my budget. Besides Jasmine's I also purchased from Afroveda, Shescentit and I am awaiting a Hairveda shipment. Let's just say I won't be purchasing hair care products for a LONGGGGGG time. I already went through my current stash of hair products and put out a use it up box. That is a box of items that I am close to using up that I have to use first before I use any other products in my stash. So let me tell you what I ordered.

Shescentit is a site by a member of a hair forum, I frequent. I heard good things about her products and decided to give them a try. I wanted to find a replacement for Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme so I ordered 2 jars of Gillian Tearless Hair Butter in chocolate truffle and sugar cookie. I also ordered 2 jars of Seyani Hair butter in pink lemonade and coconut mango for myself. All of the items smell exactly how they sound and the jars are filled to the top. I swiped my hand over some of the butter and it melted to the touch and wasn't greasy. The butters are made with ingredients that are good for your hair such as shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. I will be trying the butter on K's hair tomorrow so I will have a more thorough review.

Another member of the hair forum posted about Afroveda. I had never heard of the site and decided to take a peek. I was impressed by how well put together her site was. I emailed the owner back and forth several times before deciding on the vata hair kit. It came with Sunsilk hair oil (which smells like lemon), Kissi Seed hair lotion, and shea alma whipped butter cream. I got this line specifically for D because her hair is extremely dry. I also got a free sample of Shikakai hair growth elixir. These products don't contain any mineral oil or petroleum and has shea butter, alma oil, castor oil, and aloe vera juice as some of the ingredients.

Not only am I happy with my overall purchase, I must say both transactions were smooth, they shipped in a timely manner, and they were packaged well. I love supporting quality vendors but I am especially proud these 2 businesses are run by fabulous African American women as well. It is nice to have products made by us and catered specifically to the care and proper treatment of my hair without cutting corners and using cheap products. You ladies rock!!!! Q

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