Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Weekend recap

In spite of what happened with Thomas' gps, I can honestly say I had a great weekend. My in laws came in on Friday and we had such a great time. They gave the girls gift cards to Target for Christmas so we spent most of the day there while they purchased some things. It was so cute to see them pay for their items. T and I was going to check out a movie but opted for dinner instead. We had a nice dinner and got a chance to just talk, smile, and reflect. We shared our goals for New Year and gave each other encouragement.

Today we all went to church and the sermon was awesome!!! It spoke to so many things we were all dealing with and it blessed me. I came home and made brown rice, curry chicken with potatoes, leftover roasted squash and apple crisp. The guys watched football and my MIL hung out with the Supremes. I left to attend an evening service and came back to spend time with the family.

My in laws are leaving tomorrow and the girls thoroughly enjoyed having them here. I am surrounded by so much love and goodness, I can't complain. I know God has great things in store for me. Much love. Q

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