Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 12- smiles, laughs and tears

Those are the 3 words I would use to sum up yesterday. It started with a smile early in the morning. It was my baby's birthday and she looked so cute in her birthday dress. Everyone at the before school program greeted her with Happy Birthday. It made my heart smile. I got to work and was able to tell my coworker about the situation with my brother. It took all I had not to break down in front of her. So instead I went in my office and shed a few tears.

I sent off an email about Destiny's day, little did I know it would provide more laughs. Someone tried to use it as an opportunity to get at me but they missed. I was so over them already and I refuse to give them much time and energy on this day. I responded and quickly made them cease to exist in my world. (Folks if you have yahoo, please use the email blocking. It is a beautiful thing and you won't get the emails ever. Yahoo will automatically delete them for you and they won't even show up in your trash. It's a beatific thing.) I actually got some good laughs out of the situation. Yall know how I do, lol!!!

Most of the day in between waiting for reports to print was spent laughing actually I was over at Monnie's spot and I was in stitches. No words just pure laughs. I did log into the forum to shoot off a few private messages asking for some help. I need some folks on the East coast to help me locate the right people for my brother's situation. It was tempting to get back in especially after seeing the profile messages left on my page. That made me smile.

As I drove home, I just prayed and talked to God. I felt at peace and just really let go of some things. I am choosing to let God fight my battles. When I arrived home, I was greeted by the Supremes which put a smile on my face. I spoke with my mom and felt better about the situation with my brother. I spoke to my girl Meka and was able to have a good cry about it and she made me laugh like she always does. Then I spoke to Tee about it as well and I felt 1000% better.

The doorbell rang while I was on the phone with Tee and it was my big bro Fabian. Fabian is a long time friend of Thomas and I and I was so happy to see him!!! We have both known him before we dated and he had me cheesing all night. He is in love and he is running his own business. Even in this economy, he is making some smart moves and we are so darn proud of him. His birthday was yesterday as well. We spent the rest of the night eating, laughing, and we watched Semi Pro. Well Thomas and I did as Fabian snored, lol!!!! It was all good because he was here for work so he was rightfully tired. So inspite of the devil being on his job today, I had a wonderful day. I have a beautiful 8 year old, I know people are working to help my brother, and I have great friends. I can't complain. Q

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