Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How I wash and manage my hair

People always ask me how I manage to do my hair and the Supremes. It is a task at times but I have some techniques that have really made caring for our hair easier. As you all recall from this post, I put braids in my hair. Well after the events of yesterday surrounding my brother, I couldn't sleep so I decided to take them out. It was almost 2 months and I figured what the heck. This is a good time for me to show how I manage. The best thing I have discovered on this journey was sections. Meaning parting my hair in sections. I part my hair and the girls in 4 sections and wash, condition, detangle and style while in those sections. It is easier to deal with 4 smaller sections than one big mass of hair on my head. It helps to keep the tangles down as well.

It is really easy. I part my hair in 4 sections and braid each one. I usually pre-poo with castor oil or conditioner. Then I jump in the shower and take one braid out, wash while holding it somewhat taut, add conditioner and re-braid. The stream of the shower also helps with tangles because the water keeps the hair pointing down. When it is time to rinse the conditioner out, I use a comb and my fingers to work out any tangles then I squeeze out the excess water, re-braid and do that all over. Here are some pics of my hair right now in the 4 sections.

I took the braids out and it was kind of cute, I should have taken a pic. Anyway, today I used this unbraid spray and saturate each one. Then I used my bone comb to work out any tangles or matted pieces. It didn't take long at all. Next I slather castor oil on my hair and braided each section. It was easy since my hair was originally parted in 4 sections to start the braids. I will leave it on overnight and sleep with a satin bonnet and then wash tomorrow. I will use the shampoo and conditioner in my use it up box and probably use some of my shescentit butter on my hair. I haven't decided on a style yet but I am off tomorrow so I have time to play around. More pics to follow. Q


JT said...

Thank you for taking your precious time to help others like myself who struggle w/ hair battles. You are real inspiration. i was wondering if you find it necessary to wet or cowash your hair everyday? It seems as if this hair is always thirsty

Queeny20 said...

JT- I wash or cowash my hair pretty often during the warmer months and that's because I live in the desert. The weather here is really dry. To avoid breakage, I spray my hair lightly at night and seal my ends with a light butter or oil. Thank you for stopping by. Q

Anonymous said...

You so blessed to just be you. Thanks for how you do what you do. I am so thankful as I learn as well. I pray that I can do and show others to tell, that Black really is Beautiful. Thanks Queeny.

Anonymous said...

You are so blessed to just be you. Thanks for how you to what you do. I am so thankful as I learn as well. I pray that I can do and show others to tell, that Black Really is Beautiful. Thanks Q.