Thursday, May 03, 2007

Things won't make you happy....

I am always saddened when I hear people say "if I had a nice house, I would be happy" or "if I had a new car, I would be happy" or "if I could buy nice clothes, I would be happy". Having things does not equate to being happy. Happiness comes from the inside. Some of the most miserable people in the world are rich. They have all the things a person could want but they are still not happy. My pastor always says "if you are a jerk when you are poor and you don't change, when you get rich you will be a rich jerk". The same could be said about happiness. Sure getting those nice "things" will make you feel good temporarily. It is like caffeine or a drug that gives you this instant high and then as it wears off, you hit a low again.

It is great to feel good about having "things" but your happiness should not be wrapped up in them. Because of you should happen to lose those "things" can you still be happy? Will you still smile? Will you still be able to go on? Everyday I am happy and blessed because GOD allows me to see a new day I have never seen. I am happy because I am a great person and I love others. I am happy because I have wonderful friends, and family. I am happy because no matter what, GOD will never leave me or forsake me even if man does. Yes there are times when I feel sad or blue but I don't ever think that having things will change that. Instead I change my mindset or the situation to feel happy.

Don't ever look at another person who has the "things" you would like to have and think that is what makes them happy. You never know the struggle behind the "things" they have. You never know what type of sacrifices they had to make in order to get those "things". Strive to be happy with yourself just the way you are and make changes to be a better person for yourself. Try to be a blessing to others. Do the things necessary to put yourself in a better situation financially so that you can afford nice "things". Don't try to compete with others to get "things". GOD has a time for all of us to be blessed and what He has for you, is for you and no one else. Know that what GOD gives, He adds no sorrow to it. Look at your life and see just how blessed you are and be happy no matter what. Even if it seems bad, be happy knowing that GOD loves you. Things come and go but the love of GOD never fades. Q

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