Sunday, May 20, 2007

John Legend, the recap

Now that I have come down a little from my high, I can post about my concert experience. I was soo excited because it is rare that Albuquerque gets quality artists that I actually enjoy like Mr. Legend. When we got there, the weather was a little iffy. I prayed the rain would not fall so I can enjoy the show. At 7:15 I was getting antsy because the show was supposed to start at 7. I was already in panic mode because Veronica pointed out John's piano on stage. It was soon confirmed by another couple in the audience that Corrine Bailey Rae would not be performing. I was okay because I felt that meant Mr. Legend would perform a lot more songs.

At around 7:20 a casino rep came out announcing some of the upcoming shows. Then all of a sudden out came the band and then the background singers. The music started playing and there he was. The crowd got up on their feet and he starts with Maxine's interlude. A few minutes into the set, people start moving so I move up to be closer. I was already in the pit area in the 9th row but I left Thomas holding my purse, and soon my jacket. Although it was a little cool, once I started dancing I was warmed up. As the concert goes on, you can tell some people aren't true fans. When he sings Again and Another Again, I am the only one in the area still standing, singing every single word, and dancing. I know he saw me!!!

When he sang "Slow dance" and asked for a female. I looked back and asked Thomas if I could volunteer. He waved his hands to say go ahead but a female had already been chosen. Then all of a sudden I saw him leaving the stage with his bodyguards in pursuit. He walks right past me and I touched his arm. As I look back he stands on a chair. The chair is directly in front of Thomas who is still sitting. I rush back to beat the crowd to get to my seat yelling "that's my seat, that's my seat". I was able to get close enough to snap the first picture I have posted.

Towards the end I am near the front of the stage dancing, and singing. There were some girls who were a little tipsy and I joked with another lady. She told me she would smack their arms down so I can get my pics. I told her "yeah we can take them, they are tipsy and won't know what hit them". Then I told her "if you take out the guard, I think I can make it to the stage". We laughed.

Then that good old New Mexico wind started to pick up. Mr. Legend announced he would have to end the show soon because of the weather. I heard the opening to "Coming Home" and I got happy. He called over one of the guys in the band and then started playing "So High". I sang at the top of my lungs. I was the only one singing "Don't you wanna go, don't you wanna go, don't you wanna go". I am a true fan and had seen other performances in which he sang that instead of the cd version of So High.

His timing was on point because a few minutes after he left the stage, the wind got really bad, and the rain began to pour. He did all of the songs from the recent album except for about 3 and almost the entire first album. I met some cool couples too. Shout out to Quincy and Nicole, and Joshua and Maria!!! Quincy and Nicole saw him in Phoenix and Robin Thicke opened for him. Nicole claimed Quincy was a fan and she was tagging along like Thomas but I saw her standing up and dancing more than Quincy, lol!!!

I felt like a little kid. I danced, I sang, and I had a blast. My husband enjoyed himself too. He has a lot of respect for Mr. Legend. His voice is a thousand times better live than it is on his albums. He put on a great show without a bunch of fluff, lipsinging and garbage. Just some good ole R and B. You did your thang Mr. Legend!!! Q

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