Saturday, May 26, 2007

Failure is not an option for me...

And it shouldn't be one for you either. Today I completed week 7 day 3 of the couch to 5k workout. I had to run for 25 minutes straight and I did it. That says a lot for someone who could barely run for 2 minutes a couple of weeks ago. The statement above doesn't apply only to my workout endeavors but also to my life in general. Words have power and how you apply those words to your life defines it. If you view something as a failure, then that is what it is. At least to you anyway.

I have taken the word failure out of my life. It is not an option for me. From now on, I will set goals and will either meet them, or miss my mark and that's it. The word failure is harsh and hurtful. It doesn't take into account the work a person puts in. It doesn't show the sacrafices or the small accomplishments made on the road to failure. Instead it just summarizes the event or situation and gives it a final explanation. But if you remove it, it won't apply to you. It won't be an option.

Removing failure does not give you a pass to slack off or to not achieve your goals. Instead it encourages you to continue to move forward but to also be thankful for the journey. Be thankful for the fact that at least you tried. For me a try beats a fail any day. When you miss your mark you can still hit it, it is still there. Failure takes that option away from you. So I have taken the option named failure out of my life. Q

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