Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Greatness is within YOU!!!

Within all of us, there is greatness. Most of us just don't realize it. Some of us have forgotten it's there. Time and situations have caused us to get sidetracked. We have veered off the track towards our greatness and now have settled into "okay" or "thatwilldo". We look at others and assume it is luck that they have been able to reach their greatness. We hold others up to a high standard and view it as unattainable for ourselves. Honestly, all they have done is recognized their greatness, made others see it, and strived for more.

Greatness is within YOU!!! GOD has placed it in all of us to do the impossible, to real our goals, to live out our dreams. Whatever you want, can be yours. Don't let someone else's greatness affect the way you view yours. There is enough room in this world for all of us to be great. Some people won't get there because they don't try, they don't believe, or they just give up.

Everyday you need to look in the mirror and think positively about the day. Set goals for yourself and do all you can to achieve them. Think about the things you have been putting off. Make a plan to start doing them right now. Get rid of the negativity, the people, and the obstacles that keep you from your greatness. Look deep inside yourself to find the seed that was planted in you before you were born. It is within your spiritual DNA. You need to nuture it so it can grow and produce more greatness.

What is keeping you from you GREATNESS?!!!! Q

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