Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The song I am loving right now.... Go on girl By; Ne-yo

So Ne-yo's album came out and I just had to get it. I loved the first one so I was already a fan. It took me a few days to listen because John Legend is coming next week and we have tickets so I was bumping him in preparation. So yesterday I decided to listen to the entire album. I began on my way home. Then on the way to the gym and back home. This morning I still hadn't listened to the entire album because I live close to everything. Then finally after I dropped the girls off at school, the very last song comes on. It is titled "Go On Girl". I am hooked.

It is about a girl who did him wrong and he is saying I am hurt, but I am cool you can go on. It is one of those songs you would be bumping if you just had to dump a trifling man or woman. Or the kind of song you wish you had when you dumped the trifling man woman. The song you would put on your answering machine, ringtone, or myspace page. The kind of song that gets you hyped, mad, sad and glad all at the same time. Like Heather Headley's "Losing You". I stayed in my van until the entire song finished playing. My friend Ben saw me and said "you were jamming weren't you". I played it all the way to the girl's school to drop off Destiny's snacks for her class. I had it on repeat on the way home. I know the people in the other cars thought I was crazy because I was singing, clapping, gesturing, and dancing while driving.

The part that really stood out to me with this song is a part where he says "I'm too fly to be depressed"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoooooooo yall don't even know how much I love that part. He is a genius, genius I tell you. Yall know he wrote Irreplacable right? Honestly I can't say whether I like the CD or not because I am loving this song just that much. I you guys have a chance to pick it up or have it downloaded please let me know what you think. To you Mr. Ne-yo, I say Go on Boy... In a good way. Q

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