Friday, May 04, 2007

Nothing shocks me anymore.....

There was a day when I would hear something on the news and I would just cringe but not anymore. This world is straight crazy and we are just living in it and trying to survive. The other day my husband told me about a guy who was stationed here and was also deployed with him. The guy was arrested for having porn on his computer. He went on to say the guy (a Captain) and his wife were both shown being taken away in handcuffs. The story is someone found pictures of the man and his wife having sex with their kids and animals. The kids ages range from I think 2- 11. They also mentioned the kids had begun to sexually abuse each other.

Last night I was watching the news and they arrested another couple for child abuse. Apparently this couple kept their 2 boys in a little dog cage with training collars on. You know the ones where you can press a button and it sends an electric shock. The boys managed to escape and the parents were arrested. One of the boys was 10 years old and only weighed 60 lbs.

I also saw another story in which a 21 year old woman confessed to smothering her 11 month old to death. At first she lied and said she was just holding the baby and she stopped breathing. Later she confessed she was tired of the responsibility of being a mother. She wanted to just party, drink, and smoke weed but couldn't with a child to take care of.

Nothing shocks me anymore. The thing that stands out in all 3 stories is the fact that the so-called mothers were involved in harming their children. It is one thing for a stranger, a distant relative, or heck even a dad who feels no bond to harm a child but their MOTHER?!!!!!! What has happened in this world that has caused mothers to turn their backs on their kids? Mothers are supposed to be the most dangerous people in the world. They should be willing to kill or be killed in order to protect their child. They should fight and seek justice against anyone who lays a hand on their child. They should be doing everything they can to protect their children. When mothers stop being motherly I know this world is coming to an end and I am no longer shocked by anything I read or hear. But just know that if anyone harms any of my girls, you will be visiting me in jail!!! Q

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