Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The talk we had with the girls

We recently had a talk with our kids on what to do if another child hits them. We explained in great detail what to do step by step, repeating it several times. We told them to first, tell the child to stop. Second, get away and tell an adult near by. Third, only if no adult is around and they need to defend themselves, to strike back. We explained in detail that they are to only hit back if they absolutely have to. So we asked each girl one by one what to do. Here is how it went down:
B- She explained it just like we did
D- She said it correctly
K- Hit them back so they will stop, then tell a grown up I hit them because they hit me first.

Pray for us. Q


CreoleInDC said...

Damn skippy.

Days like These! said...

Team K all the way! I love this.

HaHa! Too funny!

Andrea Amir said...

Your girls have such personality...