Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ish that ticks me off!!!

I absolutely hate folks who speed in a school zone. Seriously that mess ticks me the fug off. These idiots act like those few feet in the school zone is really setting them back time wise. How about you leave earlier idiot?!!! Speeding through about 50 doggone feet is not going to get you where you need to be that much sooner.

When folks speed pass me, I stare their stupid @sses down and shake my head. I wish I had a freaking gun so I could shoot their effing tires out. Oh and I wish one of the mofos behind me would be froggy enough to run into the back of my Dawn because yall will be reading about me in the news. I wish we could just take them and put then in the middle of the road and play dodge cars with them so they can see how it feels. I am not in the mood today.

Anyone else needs to let off some steam? Go ahead and get it out. I already feel better. Q

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Days like These! said...

I can't stand when people bring their kids to playdate when they have GREEN snot coming out of their nose.

WHO does CRAP like this?

Ugh. I really HATE this and when I mention it (yes, I point out that their child has GREEN snot coming out their nose) they usually say, Johnny wasn't sick when we left home.

THE HELL he wasn't. That is NASTY, RUDE and very IRRESPONSIBLE.

Thanks for the germs idiot.


Whew. Thanks Queeny, that felt good.