Friday, August 08, 2008

Let em eat cake

My baby kept bugging me about helping her with the refridgerator. I ignored her because I thought she was being silly. About 10 minutes ago she said, "mom you never went to the refridgerater." Then she said, "oops, nevermind" and ran off. I asked, "what's in the fridge?" She just smiled. Then I looked at the other 2 who giggled. Then I looked at Thomas and he just grinned. So I ran to the fridge, opened the door and found this beautiful cake in the shape of a bible along with a homemade card and another gift from Thomas. I cut into just to see what flavor it was but I won't have any until my party tomorrow. He took the time to order it and got it from my favorite bakery. I am grinning ear to ear!!! Q


Cyn said...

Happy 30th. I hope its a blessed one.

Days like These! said...

Happy Birthday!!!

LOVE the cake. What a very sweet and loving husband and family you have ;)