Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Spa Day recap

On Wednesday I received my birthday gift from my husband. I had a spa day. I looked around, made some phone calls and finally settled on Casa Verde. I got the Bliss package which includes:Caribbean body wrap, steam room experience, therapeutic facial, and spa hand and foot treatment. Spa lunch included.

They told me to allow between 4- 4 1/2 hours. My appointment was at 1:15 and I arrived at 1:00 to fill out some paperwork. I was taken to the spa side which was nice and calming. I was surrounded by soothing music, beautiful plants and calming colors. The paperwork was very thorough asking a lot of info in order to custom tailor my treatments. One of the young ladies came and took my lunch order which would be a soup and salad. The young lady who would be performing the majority of my services "A" came and greeted me. She let me know that she was running a little bit behind. A few minutes later she came and got me.

I was taken to a room and was told to get completely undressed. There was a bag for me to place my clothing and then I was instructed to lie on the bed under the covers. A few minutes later she entered, asked me some questions, asked if I had any, explained the services I would be receiving and began. She started by asking me to sniff some different scents. I would later find out she would use the one I chose during the different services. She started with a neck and shoulder massage. The first treatment was the carribean body wrap. She dry brushed my skin and then applied this warm body mask all over my body and wrapped me up in covers, and blankets and I marinated for about 20-30 minutes. I was then instructed to the shower where the water was already running. There were 2 shower heads on opposite ends. A few minutes later the steam came on and I was in heaven.

After the shower, I put on the complimentary robe and shower shoes and headed back to the room. Honestly most of it was a blur because I fell asleep several times. I know I got a facial with a steam treatment, massaged about 50-11 times and had a great lunch. I had the minestrone soup and salad with italian dressing. "A" finished all of the main treatments and another young lady did my hand and foot treatments. That was when I realized I forgot to take pics. So I had her snap one of me still in the robe. I know I look like Sideshow Bob but "A" did a scalp massage as well and I really didn't care how my hair looked. Q

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