Thursday, April 03, 2008

Road tripping

I remember being a little girl living in New York. My family would load up the station wagon and head to South Carolina every summer. After awhile, I knew the stops and sites and knew when we were getting closer to our destination. Once we got older, the trips stopped and we took the plane instead.

In 1997 a friend named Fabien asked if I wanted to ride with him and a friend of his to New York. Fabien was from New Jersey and his friend was going home with him for Christmas. At the time we were all stationed at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia. I went along because I wanted to see my family and because Fabien and I were cool. Surprisingly, his friend was really cool too. We talked the entire drive there and back and really got to know each other. That trip changed my life and we are still close to this day.

When Thomas and I first got married, we would take the plane everywhere. I loved and hated it. It was great to get to places quickly but we had an unfortunate incident with being delayed when Bria was just a baby. We stuck it out a few years later when Destiny was born. Then one day we decided to go visit my mom 3 hours away in South Carolina and drove. It was on from there.

Most people assume we drive because it is cheaper. Although that plays a small part in it, that isn't the real reason. Thomas and I are extremely blessed. We have the means to fly anywhere at anytime. But for us, the road trips was a time for us to bond as a family. When the kids are sleep and it is just us and the road, we get to talk and just be. You can't do that on a plane because there are too many other people and distractions.

I remember one of my recent trips with my friend Veronica. We went to a concert in Arizona, about 7 hours away. Although the show was great, it was the time we spent talking and sharing during that drive that really shaped our friendship. Those hours allowed us to be open and honest and our friendship grew because of it.

Now that the kids are older, we have decided to cut back on the road trips. This year will probably be the last year of us being on the road like we usually do. From now on we are going to fly and just rent a vehicle at our destination. This year will also mark the first time Thomas and I will celebrate our anniversary away from the kids. Just like when I was younger, I hope my kids have fond memories of visiting the various states we've seen road tripping.

Oh and that friend I got to know in 1997 is still with me. His name is Thomas!!! Q

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