Saturday, April 26, 2008

No more babies!!!!

The other night we received a call from a friend of ours. She had to go into work early on Saturday and wanted to know if Thomas would watch her kids for her. She has 2 girls. One is about 2 years old the other is a couple of months old probably about 4 or 5.

Whenever people see me out with the girls, I always hear, "wow you have 3 girls!" In my mind I am thinking, "yes genius." Then about 90% of the time, that is followed by, "so are you going to try for a boy?" See those are fighting words for real. It annoys me even more when it's someone who doesn't have kids or only has one. I usually say something smart like, "well when you get up to 3, let me know and then maybe we can try for the 4th together."

Seriously people think we are really pressed about not having a boy. Listen would having a boy be great? Yes I would love to not have to worry about doing a bunch of hair, buying dresses, shoes, sandals, sneakers, skirts, tops, pants, jean, barettes and the list of 50-11 things I have to get for a girl. But you know that wasn't in God's plan. Just like baseball, 3 strikes and your out so our baby making days are over.

My youngest is 5 and will be attending Kindergarten this year. Although she can be a brat, I am loving where we are right now. She knows how to put her clothes on, brush her teeth, tie her shoes, wash her face, take a bath etc. There is very little I have to do for her. Why would I want to go back and start over with diapers, wipes, diaper bags, bottles, late night feedings, dressing them, bathing etc? No way no how.

So this morning I decided to go into work later so I could help Thomas get settled with the 2 kids of my friend. It was so weird making a bottle and shuffling through that diaper bag. The baby is teething too so she was a little irritable as well. As cute as she is, I don't have baby fever. I am happy for anyone who is a new mom, expecting, trying to get pregnant and all but as for me and mine, we don't want anymore babies!!! Besides, yall know I don't like kids. Q


tAnYeTTa said...

LOL!!! Queeny don't like kids! Stop it ;)

Kameisha said...

Ditto.. to that! I love the fact that my girls are older ! AHHH the middle school and High School Drama! :) meisha