Thursday, September 27, 2007


The first time I saw this pic of Nailah Franklin and read about her disappearance I knew in my spirit she was gone. But I prayed I was wrong. Today my initial reaction was confirmed. All I want to know is why? I know people are killed everyday and I ask why about them also. What makes a person just decide to kill someone else? Is it a spur of the moment thing or is it on their to do list like get up, brush my teeth, kill someone? I can't even imagine the pain her parents are going through right now. I know I love my daughters to death and having something like this happen to any of them would darn near kill me. I hope when people look at this picture of this woman, they don't see some stranger. I hope they see their mother, daughter, sister or friend and realize we have all got to do what we can to make this world a better place. RIP Nailah Franklin Q

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CreoleInDC said...

In my mind the only One that can take a life is God. I don't get how folks can think they can play God. Seriously.