Thursday, September 13, 2007

Now I am ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update on my friend situation: Thank goodness I have vonage and it keeps a record of all my outgoing and incoming calls. My so-called friend, stayed at my house a couple of months back when I was helping her with another situation. I remember her making some calls to her mom. I was able to get her mom's number and get in contact with her.

Yes she did move back to Texas. No she wasn't going to tell me. Then she tried to get smart with me when I shut that down real quick. My reason for calling her was to tie up some other loose ends and I needed some information only she could provide. Fast forward a hour or so and I now know she was lying. She is not answering my calls so I leave her a message. I get a phone call from her family member, who was now giving me the real information.

Not only did she lie to me, she lied to them, and she lied to them about me. Anyone who knows me knows, that lying to me is a big no no. But lying on me and trying to put my name through the mud will get you cut!!! Yeah I said it.

So right now I am just thanking God for deliverance and praying He can calm me down because right now I am so angry I could hurt somebody!!! Q

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