Friday, September 21, 2007

Go SIT DOWN !!!!

That is the phrase I have using a lot lately when people irk the heck out of me. They really need to go sit down somewhere and take a chill pill or some other meds and get their mind right. So here is my list of people who really need to sit down stat:
Kanye West- for someone who raps "did you say something, uh unh you can't tell me nothing" you sure take how others view you seriously. So what if you don't get any rewards as long as you think you are great why does it matter. People didn't believe Jesus but he didn't throw tantrums. Mr. West- GO SIT DOWN
Britney Spears- Too easy but seriously I probably see you more it than your kids. Please GO SIT DOWN and stay at home with your kids!!!
O.J. Simpson and the news people who keep talking about him- please GO SIT DOWN
All the stupid people in the Jena 6 situation- So many people were wrong when it came to this story. It is more than black or white, it is about respect and doing what is right. GO SIT DOWN
Amy Winehouse- She really needs help and I pray she gets it before she becomes another Kurt Cobain. Please GO SIT DOWN and get some help.
Some myspace people- Please stop inviting me to be your friend when I don't know you. No I don't want to hear your music or view half naked pictures of you. Ladies please stop showing your tail on this site for men who if they respected you, wouldn't add you in the first place. Please GO SIT DOWN.
That's all for now but I am sure I will add on to this list in the future. Q

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