Wednesday, September 19, 2007

When it rains it pours....

This morning I took Bria to an appointment to see the doctor about her foot. She was born with clubfoot and wore a cast as a baby and later had corrective surgery. As time went on, I figured her condition would get better but it hasn't. Her right leg is shorter and smaller than the left. Her right foot does not have an arch and it is about a half a size smaller than the left. She has been complaining about pain in her foot and she walks with a slight limp. We got a referral to an orthopedist but her primary doctor pretty much let us know that he/she will probably suggest surgery in order to stretch her leg and get it to catch with the other.

I already began preparing in the event it does happen but I am also believing in God to work a miracle for my baby. I also know that sometimes His miracles come in the form of using other people like a surgeon. I will most likely quit my job and stay at home and home school Bria until she is able to return to school. I was just really hoping her days of going back and forth to appointments were over.

Then later today, I got a phone call from my daughter (not biological) Trinasha. See this post here . She had her baby today, a little girl and wanted us to come by and visit. No I never updated on the situation but as you can see, it hasn't gotten too much better. A part of me would like to go and just pour out all my love. The other part is weary because of all the hurt and pain I went through. I want to be there but I am not ready to let her back in completely.

Tonight we went to the State Fair so the kids can ride and play games. I was actually feeling great until my phone rang and it was my dad. At first I didn't answer because I was trying to get the girls settled but then he called again so I knew it was important. He told me that my 95 year old great-grandmother passed away today. Tomorrow is also my grandfather's birthday (her son whom I never met). I was sad but at peace at the same time. It amazes me how one soul came into my life and another one went on to glory all in the same day. I just need time to process everything. Q

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