Friday, September 14, 2007

FYI- Pet Peeves

Here is a top five list of things people do that irk the heck out of me:
1) Lying- I will admit I have serious issues with people who do this. I am not saying I have never lied. I am talking about people who lie for no reason at all.

2) One uppers- You know the person who always has to out do you with a story. If you broke a bone, they broke 50 etc. Most of the time they are a combination of pet peeve #1.

3) Lazy folks- People who are always looking for a hand out but don't want to get up off their behinds and do anything.

4) Non hand washers- Just nasty, nuff said

5) Woe is me-ers- Here you are feeling good about yourself and they come along and make you want to jump off a darn cliff. Keep all that negativity and sadness to yourself. It's like nothing good ever happens to them.

I have more but these 5 work me the most. Q

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