Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why I love him so much...

This morning I awoke to the most beautiful sight. Thomas was standing in our bedroom and was quietly moving around trying to avoid waking me. I watched him as he opened the drawers to find some socks and then went over to the closet to get some clothes. He closed the door to the bathroom so the sound of water running would not wake me. Then he slowly eased out of our bedroom closing the door behind him. Off he went to make breakfast, wake up the girls, feed them, pick our their clothes, turn on the t.v. and wait for me to wake up so we can all go to church together. To some it might sound strange but for us, it is something that we do every weekend. You see he gives me a break and allows me to sleep in because he knows day in and day out, I am the ones who fix the kids breakfast and lunch. I am the one who picks out and irons there clothes. I am the one who fixes their hair. I am the one that drives them to school and takes care of the conferences, field trips etc. So on the weekends, I don't have to do any of that.

I love my husband because he doesn't subscribe to the roles society tries to place on families. Yes he is the head like he should be but he doesn't ask or expect much. He loves me just as I am. I do some things that others might look at and say "if that was my wife, that wouldn't happen" but for him, that is why he loves me. He allows me to be me because he knows that I love him for him. We have a mutual respect for each other and we are secure in our love for each other. I do things for him that others don't see and wouldn't be able to do like I do and vice versa. Even now when I am nowhere near the size I was when we got married, he still loves me just the same and never makes me feel bad. He acts as if there is absolutely nothing wrong with how I look but still encourages me because he knows I have a goal in mind.

There are times when I want us to do something and he doesn't quite see it but he trusts me enough to support me. What I love the most about him is not what he gives me or what he does for me, I love him because he loves the Lord more than me. I can't remember a day going by I have not seen him studying his bible. He loves the Lord and God is first in his life and I love him all the more because of that. Because I know if he puts God first, he will always do what's right for me and the girls.

This was even more evident to me the other day when we visited our daughter Trey and her daughter at the hospital. I don't know most people let alone me who could forgive and still love someone if they did all the things she has done to us. As we drove home he even said he considered taking her back in but knows he needs to really pray and seek the Lord about it. That touched me because he put his own feelings aside and is willing to do what thus says the Lord. He is not ashamed about his relationship with Christ. He once got offended when someone commended him on being faithful to God because in his eyes, that is how we are supposed to be. I love him because I know Jesus truly lives in him and he strives all the more to be like God.

So Thomas if you are reading, I know I don't always tell you because we are just like that but I LOVE YOU so much. You are the best husband in the world and I couldn't imagine being married to anyone else. You are the kind of man I pray every woman is blessed to find. You are the true example of a man of God, a husband and, a father. Thank you for always putting God first and me second. Thank you for serving the Lord and loving me like Christ loves the church. Thank you for putting up with me and all my crazy ways, and loving me just the same. Thank you for choosing me as your wife. Thank you for all that you do and just for being you. I am so blessed to have you as my husband and my friend. You encourage me to be better and I love you for it. I love you. I love you. I love you. Q

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Letitia said...

Oh Q, this is so darn touching. I enjoyed reading this. You make me want to blog.