Thursday, November 20, 2008

You have not because you ask not

This word came to me a few weeks ago and I kept putting off posting it but God put it on my mind the first thing this morning so I wouldn't forget.

A few weeks ago at our weekly church prayer meeting, I heard God say, "you have not because you ask not." We prayed individually and then our Pastor called all of the members to the front to meet and began to talk about the importance of prayer and then he said, "you have not because you ask not." I got the same word again recently in a pm exchange with another member.

I've been thinking about what the Lord said to me. Any other time I would have said that word wasn't for me but I can't this time. I had to take a deep look and I realized it had been awhile since I asked God to give me something I really needed and or desired. I go to Him for daily guidance, prayer etc.. But when it comes time to ask for something that is needed or wanted, I hadn't done it in awhile.

Like a lot of folks, I guess a part of me feels I am so blessed already that it would be selfish of me to ask for more. Even though it is true that I am blessed, God still wants to bless His children even more. But we have to ask.

Deep down inside, I knew there were things I wanted and needed but I figured God already knew. Yes it is true that He knows but we still need to ask. Asking is a show of faith. It is our way of saying "Lord I trust you enough to come to you for something no one else can give to me." Your faith is also being exercised by waiting for Him to bring what you asked to pass. Asking also shows God that you recognize Him as the head of your life. The time you spend praying and asking is also more time you are spending with the Lord and in His presence. For some of us, that is the only time God is able to hear from us and the only time we actually listen to Him. Asking is so powerful.

You also have to understand that asking opens up so many other doors. God may have something for you to do, you are also taking the responsibility for what He gives you, and know you may not get the answer you want. But you have to trust God enough because He knows what's best. Even if it hurts when you don't get what you want, understand God always does what will bless you and not bring sorrow to you.

This is not to be abused and used to ask God for things you can get on your own or things within your reach. I am talking about asking God to do those things only He can do like, heal your body, bless you with a new job, or help you to overcome a spiritual struggle. We are lacking not because we aren't blessed some of us are lacking because we refuse to ask. Take care. Q


LondonDiva said...

Let the church say Amen! A very inspiring blog post. LD is taking note. I hear you Qx

Angelicque said...

I needed to hear your words today, please remember that the work that you do on the internet is important.