Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh Yes I did

Yall know I can be a little mean (shut up Ms.Honey). I am a no nonsense kind of mom. So I had a plan set in motion to teach my kids a lesson. I got tired of fussing at them to clean up after themselves so I decided to show them better than I could tell them. I was going to be extra evil and wake them up at 0 dark thirty, basic training style. But I wanted to sleep in and didn't want to punish myself in the process.

I waited until they were fed, comfortable and just thinking they were going to enjoy the day off from school and I sprung into action. I called them to my bedroom door and told them what was going to happen. They were happy thinking it was going to be fun. That soon ended about 15 minutes in and they were mad and blaming each other. We started in their bedroom, then did the walls in the hall, went to the kitchen and their playroom and finished with the bathroom. B tried to be cute by saying it was fun. So I told her good because she can do it every week from now on. D and K just looked and didn't say a word.

After the bathroom was done, I told them all the other stuff I did around the house that they had yet to do. They just looked. Dh fixed them lunch and as they were eating I told them to hurry up because there was more. D and K looked like they saw a ghost!!!! B was still trying to be cool. So I told them that was enough but told B to come see me when she was ready to clean some more.

So as I sit here typing, D came and sat next to me. I asked her how did she like cleaning and she said she didn't. K hasn't talked to me yet. Oh and as for Miss B. Miss I can do more cleaning. Miss this is so much fun. Miss I want to do this again. Well she is sleep!!! Oh yes I did, momma don't play. Q


LondonDiva said...

I'm hoping and planning to be a no nonsense mother too. You did good. I'm tired of listening to people acting like it's gonna kill a child or bordering on child cruelty to get a dust rag and a cloth and clean the house. Shooot they need to learn responsibility. And this blog plus a conversation I had with my friend a few weeks ago has inspired me to blog about something similar.

How are the girls now, are they cleaning up after themselves?

Queeny20 said...

Oh yes girl they def cleaning up after themselves. They already had chores but this was def a wake up call for them. Q