Monday, November 17, 2008

Back at One

This year has been filled with so many ups and downs. I have learned so much, good and bad about myself. I know that now more than ever, I need God in my life each and everyday. I am honest enough to say I have let too many things distract me and take me away from my first love. Over the past couple of weeks I have become more and more convicted about a lot things.

I know some people feel I share too much but I do it not for attention or for glory. I do it because I want others to learn from my mistakes and see the power of God at work in spite of how weak I am. I want them to see me and all my flaws and think, "if she can still serve God, then I can too. If she can still fall and get up, then I can to." Even if it makes you want to not be like me but to be a better Christian, it is worth it. This is why I do what I do. There is nothing anyone can say to me that I haven't said. No one can show me my faults because I know them already. You can't expose me because I've already been exposed to myself and I don't like the person I see so I can understand why others may not like things about her as well.

God began to move people out of my life showing me who I really am. I have not been the best witness I would have liked to have been. It's hard because a part of me wants to just be Q but another part recognizes I have been called to a higher standard. I know that not being perfect is no excuse because I know better. So the time has come for me to step up the plate and put up or shut up.

I already knew that 2008 was going to be a year of new beginnings for me and the time has finally come for me to take my rightful place and be one of the agents of change God has put me in this world to be. Last Sunday I did a sermon at my church titled "It's Time for A Change." It was my most powerful one to date. Little did I know it was a sermon designed not only for the members but for me. I know it won't be easy but failure is not an option for me. I HAVE TO DO THIS!!!

Very soon I will be slowly pulling away from my online activities and spending more time with my first love, the Lord. I won't be as active on the web until God tells me I am ready to be the Q He wants me to be on and off line. But, I wanted to share with you this book I got early on in my walk that really blessed me. I started reading it tonight and it's the first step of many I need to take towards being who I need to be. The name of the book is "What Matters Most" by Tony Edwards. It focuses on the Four Absolute Necessities In Following Christ which are worship, fellowship, Scripture, and evangelism.

I wanted to leave you with the last 2 paragraphs of the introduction:
"It is my prayer that by the time you complete this book you will have a functional handle on what it takes to be an authentic follower of Jesus Christ. I also pray that you will order your life around these four necessities that will take you where you want to go.

When you and I do this, our lives will take on a dimension of joy, power, peace, and victory we may have never known before, one that will be ours regardless of circumstances. This is so because we will have discovered what matters most."

I will be posting commentary and insight from my studies on this blog as often as possible. Be blessed. Q

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