Monday, November 10, 2008

I've finally arrived

So today I logged into my email and realized I had an anon comment about the Obama rally. This person decided to say something so stupid and lame. I edited the comment to my liking. I guess they thought it would tick me off but really it made me smile. Thank you to whoever it was because now I know I have finally arrived. If you take the time to come over to my spot and is coward enough to not even say who you are, and then use words that have no power over me and my life, thank you for showing me how important I am to you!!! You really made me smile. I will pray for you and continue to live my life to the fullest knowing I am not mean, spiteful, and full of hate and ignorance like you are. Have a blessed day!!!! ***hums Jill Scott's HATE ON ME*** Q


LondonDiva said...

Queeny it seems there is a racist anon stalker doing the rounds. And as I follow your blog they've gone onto my dashboard onto it as well as another black blog I follow and made racist comments there too.

Brush the dirt off your shoulder ma. Black man is soon to be running things somewhere other than the track we are too proud to be affected by this.

Kim6992 said...

Hi Queeny,

You mentioned on Creole's blog that you have a fitness blog. Would you please provide me with the name. Thanks.

Queeny20 said...

Here you go Kim6992-
Enjoy. Q