Sunday, November 09, 2008


Yes I am back with a whole lot to say. Now that the elections are over (OBAMA), I am back to posting as usual.

It is amazing how well God knows us. He sometimes uses the most unlikely person or thing to confirmed something you've wondering about. It happened to me this weekend.

For awhile now, I have been thinking about making some career moves. Yeah I know it's sounds crazy but it is what it is. It is a tough spot to be in because for the most part, I love my job. It is in a great location. It is pretty flexible. I get paid really well and I have excellent benefits. I really can't complain. But nevertheless I've been feeling different lately. You see I work in accounting so I spend my time behind the computer playing with numbers. It can be so boring!!! I am a people person and I rarely have interaction with customers or anyone outside my office. I convinced myself to stick it out but now I don't want to anymore.

So anyway I had been thinking but I didn't want to do anything without first praying, talking to my dh and hearing from the Lord how to proceed. I got my answers but I was still questioning my decision. This Saturday I was off and went to get my yearly eye examination. This was a new Optometrist and me being me, I turned on the charm and we chatted up during the process. As I was leaving to pay and get my prescription, he turned and said "you should be doing something else besides sitting behind a computer all day. You have a great personality, and you should be out interacting with people because you are a pleasure to be around." I smiled and told him he was right and that this was a means to an end for right now. Then later while eating some Chinese food, I opened up a fortune cookie. Now I don't believe in all that but I do like to eat them and I read the fortune from time to time just to be curious. This is what the fortune said, "You know what you want- Go for it."

Now I know what I have to do. It won't be easy but I am stepping out on faith and trusting in God to open some doors for me. I thank God for confirming what I already believed He wanted me to do. Keep me in your prayers. Q

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LondonDiva said...

It's strange yet true. Your confirmation blog is what I needed to read. I to decided today that I really need to pray and ask God for confirmation on something too. Whether I write a letter to God or put my hands together and close my eyes it's time we had a little chat and he send me my own fortune cookie sign too. Good luck with whatever comes up in future I'm sure you'll be blogging about some of your decisions and choices.