Thursday, October 02, 2008

You better listen to your corner, and watch for the hook..

Life is like a boxing match. Most of us don't jump in the ring, put on some gloves and get to swinging. We start off with training which for us involves being cared for and nurtured as kids. We are in essence going through the ropes, getting training, and getting some bumps and bruises along the way. Before you know it, the time has come for you to get out on your own and fight. You have been prepped and you are ready.

As soon as you decide to start making your own decisions and go out on your own, you are stepping in the ring. As soon as the bell rings, you are moving around trying to avoid getting hit. You are ducking, dodging, and moving. But eventually, it happens. You get hit. Ooh that first hit ain't no joke. It could be your first heartbreak, not getting into a school you really wanted to attend, or not getting that job or promotion. It sends you back but you recover. After a few more hits, you get smarter. You keep your guard up more, you know what to look for. You know how to read people and know which ones to avoid. You even start throwing some punches yourself so you can get ahead and be where you need to be.

Life is going pretty good right now. You already know you are in a fight so it is going along as planned. The hits don't sting as much and you are still on your feet. Your corner is yelling at you and giving you tips but you think you got this and don't listen. They yell more and you avoid them. You get a little cocky and then it happens. Yup what you wasn't expecting, the hook. What your corner was trying to tell you about. The hook is probably the most powerful punch in boxing. You never see it coming. Your opponent uses their entire body to deliver it. They turn their arm, their legs, their abs and together deliver a powerful blow either to the side of the body or face away from your guard. The hook is the one you don't think will ever happen. It could be finding out your best friend betrayed you, that your spouse has cheated, or that your kids are doing drugs. The hook will take you out if you let it.

You can avoid it by listening to your corner. We all get signs and implications when the hook is about to come but a lot times we don't listen. We are so focused on what is in front of us that we block out the other things that could literally take us out. Don't ever get to comfortable in life no matter how great it's going. Never let your guard down, keep moving, keep punching, fight with all you can when your back is against the ropes, and always listen to your corner and watch for the hook. Q

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LondonDiva said...

And this is why I always try in every aspect of my life to be prepared for the future, the now is taking care of itself, it's the future I need to make sure I'm ready for on all levels, spirtually, emotionally, financially.