Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our family at the Obama rally yesterday!!!

Our family went the Obama rally held yesterday. I wanted to get there early but "someone" had to finish watching the Texas game. So we headed there at around 5 pm. The line was blocks long at that time and I was not happy. Some volunteers said if we went right now and voted early, we could get a pass to get in quicker so we jumped at the opportunity. It was cool until I got in line. The guy in front smelled of alcohol and kept turning around to talk to me, and the girl behind my was a "like" chick. You know one that says the word "like" 100 times in a sentence. So after about 45 minutes I voted with my baby at my side and felt an overwhelming since of pride. Dh and the other 2 Supremes were sitting in the waiting area.

We had our tickets and headed to the field. The gates had already opened and the good spots were gone. We found an area along where it was gated. It faced the flag and the tent where everyone came out of before going to the stage. After listening to Tom Udall, a local band, George Lopez, and Bill Richardson, we listened to some music and then we saw him. He came out the tent and in front of our area and gave us a wave before heading around to the stage. We were on his left side. I began to cry and scream, and the girls were so giddy. I didn't get really good pics because we was a ways back and my video camera gave us issues. But dh told me to make sure we get a new one this week!!! He is not playing. It was so incredible and if yall saw it on tv, Obama gave McCain the business.

There was this one guy in our area who kept shouting "McCain is racist", "Don't vote for McCain." And would reply to Obama with "yeah", "tell it", "what", "that's right." I think he is in one of the pics. We waited around after to see if he would come to our area and he came back out and waved at us once again. We probably could have made it on the stage but "somebody" wouldn't listen to me. Afterward, it was live. Folks were completely riled up. They were honking their horns and shouting while riding down the street. They said over 45,000 people attended!!! Here are some pics I took, one of us in front of the sign (it was dark sorry) and some I found online of the rally. As you can see, Li Li will make a friend wherever she goes. The little lady was so sweet and so excited to see President Obama. NM is def going for Obama!!! Q


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i love this photo:

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"There was this one guy in our area who kept shouting "McCain is racist", "Don't vote for McCain." And would reply to Obama with "yeah", "tell it", "what", "that's right.""

Man, that guy sounds like such a cool dude.