Monday, October 06, 2008

10 years ago today

10 years ago today I gave birth to one of the most beautiful little girls in the world named Bria. I remember shedding tears as she was handed to me for the first time. She just looked and frowned like she didn't really know what was going on. I was filled with so much love for this little person I was meeting for the first time.

Man time sure does fly by. This morning I got her up and she picked out her outfit for her birthday. She chose a cute, comfy Rocawear jumpsuit. I redid a few twists and applied a nice cute flower. She looked at me with those big, beautiful eyes and said, "mom I'm a decade now."

It is always emotional when you look back at your first child because you have experienced so much with them. You make so many mistakes but you also learn a lot so it is easier with the ones to follow. I know I haven't always done right by her but I hope she knows how much I really love her. It is my prayer that the next 10 years will be even better than the first 10.

To my darling Bria, mommy and daddy love you so much. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. You are so smart, funny, and wise. There is nothing you can't do in life as long as you put your mind to it. We thank God for blessing us with you!!! Q


LondonDiva said...

Queeny, she is a beauty. Tell Bria congratulations on her first decade all the way from [I wish it was sunny] London Town and a Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Q, tell Bria her cousin Rochelle said Happy Birthday! I forgot her and Linda little boy share a birthday. He is 9 today.

Love Ya,

Mel said...

Happy Birthday Bria!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so blessed to have you in my life with all the things that is going on with me I always have you in my heart. It is hard to type this but it takes about one hour of work to do this and I only have a life time to say I love you and miss you and your sisters. I pray I will get the chance to visit you soon with your uncle,Rashad,wife Iris

Love Grand Pa
William H.Smith III

Tee said...

Tell Bria happy B-day from me!!! Love you Bria!

Days like These! said...

happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!