Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wherever YOU go, there YOU are (Part 2 of the YOU series)

I recently started a workout called the Couch to 5k plan. It is a 9 week run/walk program. You start off running and walking for a certain amount of time. The goal is to get stronger and have more endurance. At the end of the nine weeks, you will run for 30 minutes or 5 miles. I like it because the program is very detailed, and only requires 3 workouts per week. Yesterday was week 2 day 2 of the workout and it was the hardest so far. At one point my shins were burning and I wanted to stop but I was so close to finishing. Instead I decide to slow down my walking pace which helped me to recover and then feel rested for the running portion. I was able to complete the workout and it felt great.

As I was driving I thought about the times in my life when things got hard and I ran. But no matter where I ran to, I couldn't run from myself. I couldn't run from the issues, the mental, physical, or spiritual struggles because they involved me. No matter where I went, there I was. So I stopped running. I don't run anymore. Running doesn't solve anything. It may provide a temporary relief, or moment of freedom but eventually when YOU realize YOU are still there, all the problems will come flooding back.

We have to face the challenges in our lives head on. We can't run and duck from things hoping they will magically fix themselves or will just go away. Most of the problems we face have to do with us. It is another thing to get away from another person or a bad environment but what if YOU are the problem. What if YOU allow yourself to be involved with people YOU should not? What if YOU didn't do the work necessary in order to get an education and have a better life? What if it is YOU that is holding YOU back and not anyone else? Maybe it is time for YOU to start with the man in the mirror. YOU can't fix or control anybody but yourself. Focus on being a better YOU, doing what is best for YOU, taking care of YOU, and dealing with YOU. Stop running from yourself because wherever YOU go, there YOU are. Q

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