Friday, April 27, 2007

Maybe it's just YOU!!!! (Part 3 of the YOU series)

One day in 1997 a couple of friends and I went out to eat. I was on active duty in the Air Force at the time. It was a mix of men and women that day. We were from different states, with different backgrounds and ethnicities. Everything was going great. We were laughing and talking about our lives and experiences. Suddenly, the subject turned to relationships. I was in one at the time and we all gave our opinions, stories, or just spoke about how we felt. This one guy began to go on a rant about women. We went on and on about the women he encountered or dated. He talked about how they were too this, or too that, or how they didn't have this or that. He went on and on and on. Finally, me being the smart mouth I am, I looked at him and said "Maybe it's just YOU, have you ever thought about that". "Maybe the women aren't the problem at all because it seems like you are the common denominator". Everyone went silent for a second then, the guys started laughing and the girls started clapping.

My friend Michelle tells that story to this very day. She just loved how I put him in his place. I was thinking about this after my "wherever you go there you are" posting. I get so sick and tired of people complaining and whining but never doing anything to make things better for themselves. No I am not saying that life isn't hard or there aren’t people who try to sabotage or hurt you but I feel we just need to be more accountable for ourselves.

For instance, many people like the guy I mentioned will complain about the opposite sex. But, they never look at themselves to see why they are attracting or allowing themselves to be involved with those people. If YOU would set your standards a little higher and not focus on the outside, maybe YOU will have better relationships. Are you really the great boyfriend or girlfriend that you think YOU are? Maybe YOU have changed and that's why your SO is no longer happy. Maybe YOU are too controlling and bossy. Maybe YOU are not as caring and giving as YOU think YOU are.

People complain about being on a job for x amount of time without a raise or promotion. What if YOU stopped and thought about the kind of worker you are. Take some initiative and go above and beyond. Come in a little early or better yet on time, stay a little later, and present ideas that will help to make things run more efficiently. Look at the way you dress. Are you clean, sharp, neat, and presentable? Maybe your boss doesn't think you have what it takes yet so do the things necessary to set yourself above and apart from the other workers.

Sometimes we get stuck in ruts. We don't change, we don't adapt, and we don't grow. We are stubborn and think our way is the best and won't even entertain trying something new. Well guess what? Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is a form of insanity. Take a look at yourself and see if it is time for an attitude, lifestyle or spiritual adjustment. Maybe it is not the people around you that are holding you back or keeping you down. Maybe it is just YOU. Do what YOU can do to make things better for yourself and let GOD handle the rest. Q

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Anonymous said...

"Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is a form of insanity," should be a bumper sticker -- that is profound. Tricia Hiser