Sunday, April 22, 2007


This goes to the 2 people who ticked Thomas and I off today. You took me to a place I don't like to visit. You made my husband mad, and now I am done. The bible says that the power of life and death is in your tongue. Well your mouth wrote a check your behind can't cash, and now our relationship is dead.

You, who think just because you turned 18 last month can talk to me any kind of way. Understand this and understand it quick, I AM NOT THE ONE!!! If you think you are grown then be prepared for a grown beatdown the next time you come out your face the way you did today. You obviously forgot who you are dealing with. Understand that I forgive you but I won't EVER forget this. Don't expect me to have your back, and don't ask me to do any favors because you will get nothing, nada, zero. And since you think you are so grown, know that a grown person doesn't act the way you do. Until you know how to handle yourself and express your feelings with acting like a 2 year old, your age is nothing but a number.

You, who came to Thomas begging and pleading. He believed in you, and trusted you, and this is how you repay him?!!! It takes a lot for my husband to be done with someone but ding, ding, ding, you have won that honor today. Save your tears for someone who cares, cuz I ain't the one. You will need him again and just remember what you did. You ungrateful, lying, shady brat!!!

To those wondering what is going on, my husband and I had to horrible experiences with some young adults today. These are people we love and have gone to bat for but today they showed their tails!!!! We still love them, and will continue to pray for them, but the well of goodness we had for them is dried up and gone. Q

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CreoleInDC said...

You shoulda slapped em. You need me to come down?