Sunday, April 22, 2007

I hate shopping for footwear

I really do. Yesterday I decided to finally buy some new sneakers. I was way overdue and headed to lady footlocker. My mom, and my cousin Rochelle love shoes. They would put the biggest shoe shopper to shame. They are the types to buy a shoe because it is cute even if it doesn't match anything they have in their wardrobe. Then they will go out and find an outfit just to go with their shoes. But not me. I buy what I need, when I need it and that is it.

I hate shopping for footwear because I have a big foot. Whenever I see a cute shoe in the display size, I get happy. Then when the salesperson brings the same shoe out in my size, it doesn't look so cute. That happened yesterday. I picked out 2 styles and one, they didn't have my size, and the other, did not look so cute. I finally settled on the one in the picture. They are skechers. I needed some cute, white sneakers and these are just right. I walked around the store in them for awhile and picked up a couple of shirts for working out. They were on sale, 5 for $24.99. The shoes were $49.99. When my items were rung up, the total was $74.79. Guess what I paid out of pocket? $0 Because I redeemed my mypoints credits for $85.00 in footlocker gift cards. Three of them was $25 each and the other was $10. So I still have $10.21 left on my gift cards. So inspite of my shoe shopping situation, I left with some cute shoes, comfy shirts, and not a dime of my own money spent. Q

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