Saturday, January 03, 2009

Blessings all around me

Earlier this week I was communicating with someone via private messaging. They mention a book they were using during their time in the word and I mentioned I was looking into adding some new items as well. I'd planned on going to Borders some time this week. On the forum, another member had some Hairveda, hydrasoft for sale. I quickly scoop them up from her. She sent me a message asking if it was okay for her to include some other items. Me being me, I told her to go right ahead!!! That was on the 30th.

Yesterday I arrived home to find a box waiting for me. I figured it was from the young lady but I wasn't going to open it. My curiosity got the best of me and I sat down last night to open it. What I found brought tears to my eyes. Not only did she send me the hydrasoft that she only charged me for the shipping, she included 2 jars of Virgin coconut oil, a scalp massaging brush and a nlt bible promise book. Along with the book was a message card with a scripture that blessed me and was right on time. It was a small way of God letting me know He loves me.

Thank you so much D for blessing me. You are so sweet, wonderful and generous and I look forward to meeting you one day and giving you a big hug. If there is anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to ask. Muah!!! Q

Here is a pic of my items.


LongHairDontCare said...

see how good God is?!

that's a great story, q!

what a blessing!

Sheree said...

Is coconut oil the best for oreserving the ends?

Sheree said...


Queeny20 said...

@Sheree- yes I use it on my ends and as a pre-poo treatment. Q