Thursday, January 29, 2009

There is always an opportunity to bless someone...

Yesterday I was out and about running errands. I was headed home when all of a sudden I started craving a soda. I rarely drink it so I figured I would hit one of the gas stations. There is one that I love to go to because it is always super clean and it has a station that allows you to add extra flavors to your drink. I was in the far right lane and none of the cars would let me get over to where the station was on the left. I was going to go up a block and turn around but as I drove by, I realized it was busy with folks buying Lotto tickets so I decided to head home.

I was a few blocks from the house and I still wanted a soda. So finally I decided to head to the station near my house. I usually park right near the door but for some reason opted to park farther away and walk. As I was walking to the door, a lady in a truck pulled up and I heard her say, "excuse me Miss" several times. At first I didn't pay her any attention and even when inside but then something told me to turn around and go back out. She said, "excuse me Miss" again and I replied, "yes." She held up a handicapped sign and asked if I could have the attendant inside come out to help her.

I went inside and there were 2 other people in the store. I told the attendant about the lady. She was outside for a minute or so and came back to take care of the 2 people and myself. As soon as I was done, it seemed like more people started coming in. I could see she was trying to move quickly so she could help the lady outside. Finally I said, "I'll go help the lady so you can stay here." She asked if I was sure and I told her I was fine. I went up to the lady in the truck and told her I would help her. She said, "I only have 3 dollars so can you just give me 3 dollars worth of the regular gas." I told her sure and headed back inside to the attendant.

As I walked back, I was kind sad that all she had was $3 and I knew that wouldn't really go far. Usually I don't carry cash but yesterday I did. So I took the other singles I had in my wallet, added it to her $3 and gave it to the attendant. I went back outside and filled her truck up. I walked to her window to let her know I was done. She looked over me and at the pump and gasped. I told her, "don't worry, I added a little more to your money for you." She had tears in her eyes as she thanked me and told me I didn't have to do that. I simply said, "no problem and God bless you." I told the attendant I was done and went home.

I truly believe I was meant to be there in order to bless that woman. I know it was God that put that craving for soda in me so I would be at that gas station, at the right time, so she would ask me for help. Sure simply pumping her gas or getting the attendant was enough. But, I did a little extra not because I wanted to get praise but simply because I wanted to be a blessing to her. We all have opportunities to bless someone. It doesn't have to be money it could simply be a few kind words, volunteering, giving up your time or simply praying for people.

The bible says that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. But I believe if each one of us makes it our goal to bless someone and encourage that person to bless another, more of God's work will be done here on earth. However and whenever you can, be a blessing to someone else and watch God be a blessing to you. Much love. Q


cbean said...

Wonderful! You are truly a blessing.

Anonymous said...

i have tears in my eyes right now...god is so good!!!

Tasha said...

That is so true and I make sure that I'm available spiritually to be a blessing to others. Sometimes we let the flesh take over and harden ourselves.
But I always say..."You are a blessing to someone today."
Thanks for sharing that Q

Tanyetta said...

This story truly touched me! See, it wasn't even a soda you were led their by GOD! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Salesdiva said...

Let the congregation say Amen. You have inspired me today to look up from my own worries and be aware of my surroundings so I can see and be ready when called.

Tanyetta said...

by God. :)

CreoleInDC said...

Everybody knows you're goodness and light Queeny.