Wednesday, January 14, 2009

There is nothing...

Today I had another post all planned out. It came to me a few days ago and I've been praying and talking to the Lord about how to word it so it will bless you. As I was fixing breakfast for the Supremes this morning, God whispered something else in my ear and urged me to post it.

Often times I will see someone IRL, or on the board and God will lead me to pray for them or sometimes contact them and give them a word of encouragement. But this time, I didn't get that. If you clicked on this and is reading it, then this is for you because God knows you need to know this.

God told me to tell YOU,

Have a blessed day. Q


Mz. SassynKlassy said...

Thanx for leaving me a comment Que. You always brighten my day. You really do I mean that. And Sorry to bother you all the time looool. LOVE YOOOU! Oh And I love this post (as always). It is soooo hard, but I'ma try to remain optimistic


BlessedStarlette said...

thank you for this.

LongHairDontCare said...


thank you que!

you have a blessed day as well!

cbean said...

Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you. I received his message!

springbreeze said...

i have to believe that this word was for me,for i'am standing in faith for something and instantly it brought tears to my eyes..thanks so much Q.may God continue to bless you and yours

GOD Is Gooooooooooood!

Tiffer said...

I'm just reading this but thank you!!