Monday, May 12, 2008

Lazy hair days

This is how I rock my hair when I am lazy. To achieve this bun, I have to trick my hair. You see my hair is super thick and I have to trick it into being tame!!! So what I did was wash, and condition my hair in sections. I de-tangled, applied castor oil to my hair, and put it in about 12-15 braids. I let it dry overnight. The next day, I used my fingers to take the braids out applying a little more castor oil to my edges. After they were out, I brushed my hair back, put in a ponytail holder, braided the ends, and tuck it under the holder. If you look close, you can see waves. That is not my texture but the remnants of the braids.

To maintain, I take the braid out daily, apply more oil to the ends, re braid, re-tuck and put on a satin scarf and then a satin bonnet. In the a.m. my hair is smooth, neat, and protected. Take care Q

1 comment:

Sheree said...

This bun is just so prissy and too elegant. When MY bun gets like yours, HM! I will be gliding through like heeeeey heeeeey heeeey.