Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I got my behind kicked yesterday!!!!

I was all set to go yesterday. I left work a little after 5 pm. The class started at 5:30 and I arrived around 5:15. Another class was finishing up and they were on the floor working their abs and stretching. The female manager, Noelle greeted me and got me signed in. Her husband Reece, whom I had spoken too on the phone came over and gave me some info. He took me over to the bags and told me where to stand and gave me some practice gloves. He was also going to be the instructor for the hour.

The class was made up of mostly women. In the workout area, there is a large padded area without about 50 large bags hanging down. To the right is an actual boxing ring and on the left is the cardio equipment, bathroom, shower and weights. We start warming up and so far so good. He then tells us to partner up. There is a lady next to me and it was her first class as well. She was so nervous that she kept punching my hands a little too hard during one routine. Then he switched to having us do combinations on the bag. He came around and corrected our form and would also put on gear and let folks spar with him.

The next combo involved kicks. We were about 15 minutes into the actual workout and I was already sweating. Even if we weren't punching or kicking, he had us squatting or working our arms. We did some more combos involving the knees and elbows. Next we hit the floor. Using the bag by putting our feet under it, we did sit ups followed by jabs to the bag. That went on for what seemed like forever then we got back up. More combos, then squats, and I kind of blacked out!!!

Finally we were on the floor and I was happy. That only last about a minute as soon as we started the ab workout. He worked every single part of the abs doing different types of exercises. Even though it was hard, I liked it because he stressed the importance of form versus reps. After about 10 minutes of what seemed like an hour, we began to stretch. I have never been so happy to stretch before in my life!!!

I guzzled my water down like I was a slave in the southern heat and headed to the counter. Reece smiled and asked me how it was and I could only nod my head. Noelle smiled. Then he asked if I want to join today or at another time. I told him my body was saying no but my mind said yes. I stood there with legs wobbling, and my hands shaking while trying to fill out the info. I was already feeling the workout.

I cooked in the morning but I was so hungry and so beat, I swung by McDonalds and got a chicken sandwich meal. I got home and hit the couch trying to finish my food. It was a struggle just to bring the food up to my mouth. After sitting and trying to get my body to move, I headed to my bedroom. I hit the shower and just laid on the bed while the t.v. watched me. I went to bed early because I didn't even watch the season finale of Medium. I don't even remember Thomas coming to bed. This morning I am sore. I feel it in my legs, my back, my stomach and my arms. So for $59 a month, I know I am getting my money's worth. I plan on going back on Thursday after work. Y'all pray for me!!! Q


Whimsy said...

boxing is my favorite class at the gym! I'm glad ur diggin it!

KRW said...

And just think, a few more rounds, and you'll be floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee... :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderfu review. now you got me all pumped up and jabbin and stuff..

Have a nice day.