Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just one of those days

If I had a theme song for my day, it would be "Wishful Thinking" by Vivian Green. Yup, just one those days, things don't go your way.....
It started off fine. I went into work to finish up some stuff. I headed home to enjoy the rest of my day and to chill before I went to get my 3rd microdermabrasion treatment. I decided to stop by Target and got some nacho cheese and a drink for lunch. I am driving home just listening to Neyo's new cd. I pull up in the drive way, turn around to grab my drink and realize it's not there. I look back and see it has fallen down and splashed all over the carpet and the seats. I grab a towel and thankfully most of it is on the mat so I take it out to wash it. I watch a little tv and went to lay down.

I ended up sleeping longer than I had plan and my foot was killing me at this time. I get up in enough time to say hi to the fam and then I head out. I get in my van and close the door and hear a thud. I look and see my driver's side window fell down into the door. I try to get it to go up and nothing. Thomas comes out and I tell him what happened and he tells me to take his car because he wanted to change my wipers anyway. I head out. I ended up getting a wax, micro, and a photo rejuvenation facial. I leave still feeling down about my van and thinking about what to do.

I get home and the van is gone. I am on the phone talking with my Pastor when Thomas walked in. I knew something was wrong. He said, "I've got bad news, are you mad?" I told him to go ahead and tell me. Well while trying to get my van in the garage, he scratched the passenger side door, dented it and broke the mirror!!! I wanted to cry so bad just the tears just wouldn't fall.

Times like this, all I can do is pray and thank God in spite of everything. I know a huge blessing must be on the way for me. Tomorrow is a new day. Q


T.Kay said...

I know days like these all to well. I know things will turn around for you, but until then thought I'd share a little encouragement. (I'm sure you know this already but a little reminder couldn't hurt)
**All things work together for good, for those who are the called of His purpose***



Mel said...

Sorry you had a rotten day. We all have them from time to time. The good thing is the good days outnumber the bad ones :)